Building Façade

Need to inspect a building? our unique system allows for us to capture high grade images of buildings and skyscrapers in a matter of hours. Our deliverable? A detailed scan of your building’s façade in an easy to use and shareable format. We offer the architectural visualization tool you have been waiting for! Using costly scaffolding and lined rigs are a thing of the past and take too long to complete! This is how many companies are staying ahead of the industry. Using a drone to analyze and gather data will be an industry standard in the very near future and AeroSpect will be at the very front.

Real Estate Marketing

Are you a real estate developer who wants to sell all the units in your building before you break ground? Aerospect has drones that will lift the most professional grade cameras to give you the shots you need to get those apartments sold. We will put together a 360 view that can be shared throughout your marketing department and across all platforms. We have many happy clients in the NYC area that have been using us for years.

Construction Progress

Breaking ground is just the first step of a long process. Would you like to document every step along the way to completion? We would assign a team of Aerial Photographers to visit your construction site regularly and document in a pre-planned and free-flight manner and deliver a visual report.

LIDAR Scanning

Aerospect can fly high-density laser scanners, commonly known as LIDAR. Unlike photogrammetry, LIDAR can penetrate vegetation, pick up geometry that is difficult to capture in photos, and operate in pitch-dark locations. By creating a high resolution point cloud from multiple laser scans, Aerospect can create 3D as-builts ready for CAD or Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination.

Aerial Thermography

AeroSpect offers aerial thermal imaging services. Unlike regular photography, which captures only visible issues, thermal photography captures heat differences on a building’s surface, which reveals issues underneath. Missing insulation, rooftop/facade moisture or leakage, electrical shorts, and pipe breaks are just a few examples of issues that can be detected by thermal before they become costly repairs or liabilities.

AeroSpect has an Infrared Training Center (ITC) Level II Certified Thermographer on staff.

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