Delivery, Reconnaissance, Emergency, Security.

The D.R.E.S. is a full aerial support program developed by AeroSpect co-founder Edward Kostakis and AeroSpect Board member Ret. United States Marine Corps Major Richard Bartolomea.
Edward Kostakis, AeroSpect Co-Founder. Having served 10 years in the Marine Corps as an Air Intelligence Officer, Edward Kostakis began his career with drones in late 2008. Since then, Edward has logged thousands of hours flying drones all around the world. Edward also served as senior pilot at DJI (world largest manufacturer of drones) for 5 years. He has helped shape and develop different drone systems and train first responders on how to use these systems safely and effectively. Edward also developed drone education programs at a collegiate level where he was an adjunct professor.
Richard Bartolomea, AeroSpect Board Member. Richard Bartolomea retired as Major after having served 24 years as a AH-1W Cobra Attack Helicopter Pilot in the Marine Corps. He then worked at L3 Communications supporting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance for the United States government as a pilot and became an aircraft systems instructor. Richard Bartolomea recently attained his masters in Public Policy and brings all of his experience and knowledge to AeroSpect where he is a board member and consultant. 
The D.R.E.S. (Delivery, Reconnaissance, Emergency, Security) program was specifically developed to provide multi level security and emergency response on an international basis.  AeroSpect has worked closely with governments around the world to help provide means of delivery of medicine and blood via UAV to those effected by natural disaster and war.
Having the most up to date data and analysis of areas and situations helps drive the best possible decisions in an uncertain environment.  Swift and accurate reconnaissance assures our clients are making the right moves with the right information.
It’s a big world out there but drones are helping it get smaller.  No one gets left behind as part of our emergency response plans.  Using the latest in search and rescue technology coupled with fast experienced operators, AeroSpect’s DRES unit is capable of finding personnel and civilians during natural disasters. 
Having a complete, live detailed image of your area of operations will ensure the highest level of security regardless of the time or weather.